BerleyPro 8 Inch Hatch Twin FPV Lithium Battery Mount - BP1416

Article number: BP1416
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Looking for more battery life or just a way to use the wasted spaced in the back hatch on your Hobie Pro Angler? We have the Twin FPV battery mount now available that allows you to mount either 1 or 2 of the 7ah FPV lithium batteries or the 17.5ah lithium battery.

This is a great way to run both your fish finder, lights, USB power supplies and even live well off just the one battery system and keep your kayak light. You can have a total of 35ah run time that is simple to remove. The brackets are adjustable if your hatch is slightly off  allowing you to position the batteries in a good position relative to your skeg if applicable.

This mount contains the following.

– 1 ABS plastic mount to suit the 8-inch hatch
– 2 Stainless steel brackets to suit both 7 and 17.5 ah FPV Batteries
– Stainless Steel Fasteners

*** Batteries not included ***

*** Our products are designed to be used on the water only. We recommend removing these when driving between locations ***

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