C4 Skorpio Flame 30 43-44 US9-10

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For the discerning diver looking for a fin with a reactive yet powerful kicking stroke the Flame Fins offer the ideal solution with a 100% carbon fiber construction.

Flame are characterized by a differentiated stratification production that, with the use of the super-tested T700 in association with the T300 carbon fibers, allows an optimal parabolic curvature of the blade.

The MEGAFORCE T700 carbon fiber core confers to the blade structure an exceptional resistance to breakage while keeping it very flexible.

The external T300 carbon fiber cloth pattern has a racy look to it which underlines the snappy feel of these fins.

While providing a low energy consumption kick the Flame has a sure footed feel which makes the fin adaptable to many styles of kicking.

Versatility in the Flame range is provided with stiffness options 25/30/40 so that anyone can find the right stiffness that suits their body type and style of diving.

The ideal diver suited to the Flame fins has already established an efficient free diving technique and requires a reactive and snappy carbon fiber blade to complement them.

  • Blade material: 100% carbon fiber T700+ T300
  • Blade dimensions: 800 x 195 mm
  • Blade angle: 25°
  • Avaiable stiffnesses: 25 soft / 30 medium / 40 hard
  • Water rails: straight, 12 mm height
  • Footpockets sizes: 38/40 - 41/42 - 43/44 - 45/46 – 47/49
  • Available only pre assembled
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