Hobie Complete Steering System Assy, Lynx/iTrek 9

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Replace your worn or damaged steering system with the Hobie Complete Steering System Assembly designed specifically for the Lynx and iTrek 9 kayaks. This assembly includes all the necessary components to ensure smooth and responsive control, allowing you to navigate the water with confidence.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, each part of this steering system assembly is meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance. From the steering handle to the rudder blade, you can trust that every component will fit seamlessly and function flawlessly.

Installation is quick and straightforward, so you can get back on the water in no time. Simply remove the old steering system and replace it with the new assembly, ensuring a snug and secure fit for reliable operation.

Whether you're replacing a worn-out part or addressing damage from wear and tear, the Hobie Complete Steering System Assembly is the perfect solution for restoring your Lynx or iTrek 9 kayak to its original functionality. Enjoy smooth and responsive control on the water once again with this high-quality replacement part from Hobie.

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