Hobie Ram Adapt-A-Post Track and Spine Adapter Base for Track Systems

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Hobie recently joined forces with RAM® Mounts, and now they present their all-new track mountable spline post base called the RAM® Adapt-A-Post™ Track Base. The Adapt-A-Posst offers a locking mechanism that allows the user to insert the post from any direction. Thanks to this efficient design, you no longer need to align your post in any specific position before inserting. Just drop it in and you’re ready to go. To remove the accessory, simply press and hold the side button and your post will come out effortlessly. The integrated sliding lock resists unthreading of the T-bolt for extra security.

The Single T-Bolt version of this mount suits light-duty applications like mounting a camera boom or rod holder used for staging rods and light trolling.

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