Maverick American Bluewater Float - 2 Atmosphere

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This is the Maverick America 2 Atmosphere Bluewater Float for Spearfishiing

  • New Maverick American 2 ATM Submersible Float provides110lbs of lift at the surface with a 33 Liter volume.
  • The higherworking pressure recommended to 25PSI guarantees bluewater hunters the float can withstand pressure from large gamefish at 2ATM.
  • At 66lbs this float will have the same positive 110lb lift for all its volume at the surface.
  • Made in USA.
The new submersible Blue Water Inflatable float is made with the most desirable features of inflatable blue water floats. It's constructed using two casings; an inner bladder made of polyurethane coated nylon used more commonly in the medical industry. The outer casing is constructed of two tone 1000 Denier Cordura fabric for abrasion resistance but most importantly to protect from punctures from fish fins, accidental brushes with spear tips, knives etc.
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