Riffe Competitor Teak Spear Gun

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The RIFFE Teak Competitor Wood Speargun Series is designed for both entry level spearfishing and advanced divers. Most suitable for hunting around reefs, holes, and bottom diving. RIFFE Models C3S and C3XS have blue water hunting capabilities with proper upgrades. RIFFE's Competitor X models feature a 3″(7.5cm) rear stock extension for ease of loading on the hip while spearfishing. #00, #1, #2, #2X, #3, #3X Competitor #3 and #3X models have blue water spearfishing and hunting capabilities with proper upgrades. Teak Competitor Series $205.20 Size Description Features Dimensions 3 laminate teak wood stock Available in Hawaiian setup Comes Standard with Hawaiian setup: 9/32″ Hawaiian Flopper Shaft, 1 wrap of line, and 2 power bands for shorter shooting range 9/16″ (14mm) amber power bands (may upgrade to 5/8″ (16mm) bands for more hitting power and longer shots – recommended with heavier shafts) Rigged with 300 lb. Nylon monofilament shooting line for faster shooting and abrasion resistance (400lb. available for heavier shafts). 5″ Bungie Shock Chord with 500 lb. test Pigtail Swivel (400lb. Snap Swivel optional) Heavy-duty ABS plastic handle RIFFE’s stainless steel 2-piece trigger mechanism assembly, accepts all diameter shafts: 1/4″(6.5mm), 9/32″(7.1mm), 5/16″(8mm), 3/8″(9.5mm) Side mounted, rotating spring loaded safety Auto Line Release Contoured red urethane butt end assembly for comfortable loading A rest tab may be added for ease when loading and lower power shooting around rocks Accepts all suitable RIFFE accessories & parts • Standard Setup (S): Threaded Shaft, 2-Barbed Tip, 2 wraps of line and 3 power bands for long range shooting (Upgrade tips optional) - For this setup you must order the following additional items a la carte: threaded shaft, choice of spearhead/tip, line setup.
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